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You're 18 and now it's time to find the llama of your life.
Beware! Your mom is going to kick you out at 30, so choose carefully!

Each time you choose a new llama to become a love interest a year of your life passes by. To improve your score, and find the right llama for you, hard choices will have to be made. Whenever you decided to replace a current love interest with another you are dumping them into the discard pile. HOWEVER, they might comeback if you call them! Perhaps they even improved themselves!

This card game sums your points each turn. This is calculated with the current type of llamas that you have in your hand and their psycological traits. You have to pair up llamas of the same type (background color) and with the same traits. Charismatic (red token), Mature (orange token) and Smart (purple token). By discarding cards you are adding your chances of them coming back better (Golden) which give you more points.

In the end only one llama will stay with you. (In the future we want it to be a choice)

Have fun and beat the highest score!

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDiogo Portela
GenreCard Game
TagsAnimals, Cute, Dating Sim, lama, llama, love


LamasGame.zip 40 MB


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Hey! The game seems to have a cool concept and the art looks really good but when I tried to open it this appeared (the message of error here appears a lot of times above too), it even made my screen go black for a moment, and then it came back and there was this one window and another one that I thought would be where the game would appear but when I clicked on the second one it just appears on the left side of my screen as a blank white space that doesn't load or lead to anything. I'm not sure if the problem is my computer but there's no response even if I wait so I'm uninstalling it but I do hope it's something that can be fixed or you can help me by telling me if there's something I should do here.

Good luck! (っ^▿^)

Hey, sorry for the delay. Just tested it out on my computer and it worked nicely. Did you extract the whole folder ? You should have the .exe , .pck and data_LamasGame folder all together. Hit me up if it fails.